10 weeks pregnant and SCARED!  Are these symptoms normal?

10 weeks pregnant and SCARED! Are these symptoms normal?

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10 weeks pregnant and SCARED! Are these symptoms normal?
I'm soooooooo worried about having a silent miscarriage, it is happening to a lot of people! MY SYMPTOMS: 1. Today the doctor at a walk-in clinic COULDN'T HEAR THE BABY'S HEART BEAT, (she said it was still early... but I'm worried she just didn't want to scared me since I have an appointment with the Maternity clinic in 2 weeks - so I should wait until then to discuss it with them) 2. Slight pains on either side of my uterus. 3. Discharge varying between light brown, thick white (sort-of sour smelling) or clear and I can get kind-of itchy down there. 4. No vomitting/nausea... and I barely had any in the first place. I just want another ultrasound to confirm everything is o.k. (but how do I go about this and is it safe to have another one?) Should I wait for 2 weeks to see the maternity clinic or should I just go to Emergency because I'm going crazy worrying so much! Thanks for your time in replying, much appreciated! 1 1stPregnancy
There may be nothing to worry about but it's better to be on the safe side. Just pop in to see your doctor or even go to the hospital you are booked at and speak to them about it. Don't let anyone fob you off or try and tell you it's all in your head. You are allowed to ask questions and impose yourself to the point of being obnoxious if it means your fears about your baby's health are alleviated. 2 Lilli
You should definately keep on your doctor about this. I'll be praying for you... Let us know how it goes. 3 katie0209
HI Dont worry Iwas 7 weeks pregnant I was walking at a mall I went to the bathroom and there was dishchare with a hint of blood! I freeked out called a doctor and I was schediled for an apoitment monday the doctor was a Jerk over the phone this man said ya know if this is a miscarage theres nothing we can do! I took action called my old ob at 9 at night and told her I say blood annd Im newly pregnant She calmed my fears and sat on the phone and explained to me it was proably a yeast infection common in pregnancy that got irrated and old blood mixed in .SHE WAs RIGHT IM 17 weeks today and aok! IF you panic you can have a misscarge BUT THAT IS SO RARE my aunt had one and believe me you would Know!! About the heart beat your early and my doctors ultra sound machine wasnt as tecnolgical as the big ultrasound machines let the doctors do there jobs good luck I already have 5yr old twins need to talk let me know jenn 4 jennv25
some tiems ultrasound machines can't hear a heart beat but that doesn't mean the baby doesn't have one. And the bleeding is somthing to worry about, talk to Your Dr as soon as You can. And if its just a yest infection talk to them how to take care of it befor You feel scacred again. Miscarriages are farly obviase tho some times not known till later(when more blood is presant and other fluids). (iv had three so i have some idea) Soem women don't feel sick at all. My aunt had two children had didn't feel to sick at all threw the whole thing. Tho i felt sick just up to 2 weeks ago.(im 11 weeks along) some tiems it werce for others, being sick till the 3ed trymester. Try to be calm, but get all the ancers You can. =) hope that helps. 5 Sushi
Hopefully you have nothing to worry about. I know in my experiences... there was plenty of cramping at least a day or two before, then the blood. I've had 2 miscarriges, which both occured in week 12. I have no children right now. I am pregnant and going into my 10th week. I am very, very, very paranoid. I have not bled or anything but I feel slight cramping. I know that it is a result of the uterus stretching. I don't worry too much. No if the pain was consistant, I would. Don't worry to much!! I know it's better said than done.. but I am in a postition where I am putting this train of thought to practice. 6 bernapril20
I am 11 weeks pregnant as of today. I have had a missed miscarriage previously. So I completely understand your fears. The discharge could be a yeast infection, but also when pregnant thick discharge is common due to estrogen levels. Still have it checked out and get some immediate relief (do not self treat) for the itching. I also had a couple of weeks ago bleeding with grape size blood clots, no cramping but it was found out that it was due to partial placenta previa which is the placenta is partially covers the cervix which is irritating and bleeding. And since it occurred 1st trimester, I probably will have no worries in regard to bleeding as it will as it grows move away from the cervix. There are several conditions which result in bleeding that do not mean miscarriage. I saw the heartbeat at six weeks and again at 8 weeks. Some weeks are times when one might see this or that on the sonogram or hear this or that. It is not absolute time table. In fact the pregnancy time table has an error of a week to two weeks. 7 butterfly052007
My wife is 11 weeks pregnant and miscarriage last time... we visited doctor on 6th wk and 11th week, we got Ultrasound done, the heart beat is there and the baby won't move from that place... we are worrying alot... can some bosy pls tell me, is that common behavior or need to take second opinion.... pls respond... Thanks, 8 Chinnu
You probaly won't see the baby moving in an ultrasound for a lil while. But in about 4 or 5 weeks, she should feel the baby moving and everything will be ok. 9 EsMommy
I am scared too. I am having the same problems at 10 weeks, I no longer feel pregnant and have no symptoms either. I didn' t have morning sickness just tired all the time. I also notice that my breast don't hurt as much anymore. I do at times have real sharp cramps with no bleeding. I can't even sit down sometimes due to the cramps shooting upwards. I don't know what's going on but let's just hope that everything is ok, I also read up on that Missed Miscarriage and that is some scary stuff. I was told to stay off the Internet;) cause reading all that mess will drive you crazy. 10 monaann
Do a home preg test. When I thought I lost my son they only done a simple teat at the hospital. They sAid when you miscarry you stop producing the hormone, because it came back positive they told me to go home. If you do one and it's positive still then try not to worry. Hope everthings ok x 11 Msmoneypenny
A pregnancy test will not be negative after a miscarriage for weeks or even a month, the hCG is filtered slowly out of the systmem and remains in your urine and blood LONG after your body stops producing the hormone. Please always double check with your doctor or a nurse on your health insurance hotline about any advice you acquire online whether it be published or posted in a forum. I have seen so many incorrect things posted in these forums. 12 mom2B
I'm 10 weeks and don't feel pregnant. I went to the doc today and heard the baby's heart beat for the first time. I once felt like I was going to throw up at 5 weeks and the symptoms just went away. 13 rlaws

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10 weeks pregnant and SCARED! Are these symptoms normal?